Ideas brewing for 2021

As mentioned in my previous post, I have a few ideas brewing for MountainWP this year. I want to make this business a little less ordinary. There are a lot of internet businesses that have a blandness about them. This is a shame because behind every business is at least one person and people are interesting. Thus, even boring businesses (yes, my work feels boring at times) can be interesting.

Here’s what I’m going to try, including documenting it publicly:

  • Share free stuff with 10,000 businesses
  • Provide side income for individuals with SCIs
  • Help fund The Universal Design Project

Share free stuff with 10,000 businesses

We’ve got two pretty valuable things here that are free: WordPress Training Videos and Security Checkups. They both provide something valuable for people while giving exposure to MountainWP. This results in a small percentage of users turning into customers. It’s a win-win.

But it could be better. I’m setting a lofty goal of sharing these with 10,000 new businesses in 2021. This is a little crazy. I’m old school with my approach, literally making direct contacts with people who I think could benefit from them. I avoid social media and paid advertising.

So if I want to reach 10,000 businesses one-on-one, how do I do that? That’ll be the challenge, which leads me to my next idea…

Provide side income for individuals with SCIs

SCI = spinal cord injury. The spinal cord doesn’t heal itself if it gets damaged. If people acquire a SCI, it typically results in permanent disability. Life gets flipped upside down and everything changes, including economic mobility.

It’s common for individuals with SCIs to ask “what can I do for work?” or “what work can I do from home?” So I figure I’ll try creating some opportunities here at MountainWP for people with a SCI to consider. I have a SCI myself and understand some of the challenges that people face when life is impacted by these injuries.

Plus, if I structure it right, reaching 10,000 businesses to grow this little business might not be that crazy after all, especially if there’s monetary incentive for others to help me out.

Help fund The Universal Design Project

The Universal Design Project is a nonprofit that my wife and I started in 2016 to address the lack of accessible and affordable housing. Without going into detail, it’s been really difficult because fundraising has been exhausting. I wish I knew that even though nonprofits qualify for grants and philanthropic support, it’s not easy to convince donors to support new ideas, particularly when you need to pay a team of people to achieve your goals (and people are costly).

So, maybe if MountainWP can grow a bit more, I can push a good amount of the profit into that business. After all, wouldn’t that be considered fundraising? Sort of? We’ll see. I’ll play with the numbers later, but I think there’s potential here.

So there are 3 ideas for 2021. Stick around and let’s see what happens!

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