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AlpineForm is your solution for delightful electronic patient forms.

Technology is an equalizer that eliminates struggles with pen & paper. Many people have problems with writing because of limited dexterity, limited vision, or other health conditions.

Your patients fill out paperwork electronically, then we convert the data to a PDF + CSV and email it to you. We use your existing forms! No need to learn a new system.

Why use AlpineForm?

To delight patients and to minimize paper use.

Be More Inclusive.

Keyboards, touchscreens, and voice input help people who struggle with handwriting, vision, and more.

Be More Efficient.

Patients can fill out their paperwork before they come in. Save digital copies without any scanning.

Be More Profitable.

Time is money. Reduce time in the waiting room. Reduce admin time. See more patients.

AlpineForm is not a DIY service.
We build and maintain electronic patient forms.

Will patients use electronic forms?

Nearly everyone has a smartphone with them all the time. If given the choice to fill out a paper form or an electronic form in person, it’s likely that most will choose the electronic version.

If patients have the option to fill out paperwork in advance versus coming in 10-15 minutes early and sitting in the waiting room, it’s likely that many will choose to complete it before showing up.

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Can my forms be branded?

Yes! Branding leads to trust. Each form will have your practice’s logo (not ours!) on top, and each URL will use your business ID. Example:

We’ll also create a public page that lists your forms and contact info. You can use a custom domain/subdomain for this page. Example:

Are these forms difficult for patients to use?

Our forms are usable on any device with a modern web browser. They work well on large screens, scale for use on smartphones, and comply with Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

All you need to share is a link. This can be done over email, text, or with a QR Code to display in your office.

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How will I get my patients’ information?

Our forms “magically” fill out your existing forms and immediately send a PDF copy to your office’s email address, ready for your staff to add to your patient files. We also include the form content in a CSV file, which can help reduce manual data entry.

If your practice uses Google Workspace, we can also share a Google Sheet with all information collected by your forms that automatically updates each time a form is submitted.

Will my forms be HIPAA-compliant?

Yes! We adhere to strict HIPAA and HITECH compliance standards for (1) our business, (2) the AlpineForm website , and (3) our technical infrastructure. Keeping ePHI safe & secure is a top-level priority. There’s a lot that we do behind the scenes. Read about it:

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Won’t this create extra work for my staff?

AlpineForm is designed to fit into your existing processes if you use paper forms. If your staff already uses email and some form of digital file storage, it’ll be easy for them to use.

If your staff manually enters data in EMR/EHR software, our CSV data files accompanying each form submission may be a time-saver if your software supports importing CSV files.

Can my staff use this for documentation?

Yes! If your staff needs a solution for documenting patient interactions, assessments, progress notes, etc., our forms can be used for those as well. We can exclude forms from your public page and password-protect them if needed.

You’ll simply need to specify an email address for us to send completed forms to, which can be different for each form.

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What if my patients don’t use it?

Over your first 90 days, if AlpineForm isn’t the best fit for your practice, simply reach out! We’ll happily refund 100% of your money, even after we’ve done all the work to build your electronic forms.

Your AlpineForm electronic forms will need to be receiving weekly traffic to qualify for a 100% refund.