Free Security Checkup

Our free security checkup will help identify basic security issues and if your website is being maintained well. No strings attached. We don’t even need your login information. Everything we look at is public.

Security Checkup – Request
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You must be the owner of this website or have explicit permission to have a third party security audit performed on this website.
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What we check:

  1. The version of your WordPress Core files.
  2. Plugins that may be out of date, via HTML responses.
  3. The reputation of your site, from 11 public databases.
  4. The reputation of any externally linked sites and scripts.
  5. Whether there is any malware on your site.
  6. Whether the default admin account is enabled.
  7. Whether you have indexing enabled for key folders.
  8. And more…

We do not perform any deep penetration testing.

If there’s a problem:

We fix basic security issues with our maintenance service. You can also share our findings with your developer to fix the problems.

If your site is hacked or there’s a major problem beyond the scope of our work, you’ll need to connect with a company that specializes in cleaning WordPress sites, like Wordfence or Sucuri.

If your website reputation needs to be fixed, you’ll need to work with a company that specializes in doing so, like RecoverReputation or NetReputation.