Hello, 2021

It’s a new year. I haven’t done much with blogging here at MountainWP but I’m going to give it a whirl. The internet doesn’t need one more blog about the technical side of WordPress, so who knows where this will go. Contributing to noise isn’t fun.

One thing I’ve appreciated about some businesses is that they do a good job of building trust. That’s what I’d like to work on through whatever I write. My audience is small. MountainWP has been a side job for me since 2017. It’s now 2021. It’s fine keeping things as-is but I’m going to explore some new stuff this year. Until 2020 MountainWP has been a one-man show. I’ve been a handyman of sorts who helps out local businesses with their websites. It’s simple and it’s been good.

I also run a nonprofit. That, on the other hand, has been a source of stress in my life. It’s a far more complicated business but it’s meaningful on a personal level. Here’s why: today, January 11, 1999 (yes, 22 years ago) was the day I broke my neck. I was a freshman in college and took a bad fall while skiing in poor conditions. The broken vertebrae pushed into my spinal cord and injured it. Permanently. I’ve been paralyzed ever since. I don’t talk about this much because it doesn’t affect my WordPress work with my customers… or so I thought.

After some honest reflection, the reality is that my spinal cord injury is at the core of why I run this business. Sure, the extra income is helpful (life with paralysis is stupid expensive), but there’s an allure to helping people. It’s easy for me to beat myself up because of my injury. There are lots of things I can’t do well because my body doesn’t work correctly. But when it comes to technology that doesn’t require peak physical ability, it’s a different story. I don’t know it all (beware of people who claim to), but I know a lot from using WordPress over the years (since 2007 #oldman) and it feels good to use that knowledge for the good of others.

To you, I might just be another guy on the internet, but hopefully this little business can make more of a difference in more people’s lives as time goes on… and not just my customers… we’ll see. I’ve got some ideas brewing.

Thanks for tuning in to my journey. There’s more to come.

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