Not a controlled burn

Last month, a datacenter in France owned by OVH went up in flames. It was a destructive burn and they lost a lot of servers. This isn’t common, but it happened and millions of businesses were affected by it.

OVH Cloud fire
OVH fire

While this kind of destruction might be rare, this is a perfect illustration of why offsite backups are important. Many web host offer backups, but those backups typically reside in the same data center, or on the same server.

Imagine hearing from the CEO of your web host that it’s recommended to activate your disaster recovery plan. Yikes! If you’re on our maintenance plan, rest assured that your website (i.e., your home on the internet) is safe. We make backups of your website every day and send them to two different locations.

Your website lives on a computer somewhere. If your business depends on it, it’s wise to have a copy (or better yet, multiple copies) stored in different locations. If the datacenter that houses the server that your website lives on burns to a crisp, we can quickly restore a backup to another server.


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