These are optional, but included at no extra cost with either of our service plans.

Upgrade your website’s email delivery reliability by sending mail through our Postmark server.

Reliable Email Delivery (from your website)

If your website sends email, whether from contact forms, lead generation forms, password resets, or other interactions, you want to make sure that recipients receive those messages.

We send all of our transactional email through Postmark and include up to 5,000 outgoing messages for you every month.

Icing on the cake: we make sure your domain is authenticated for reliability. Authentication is a technical piece of the puzzle that helps mail servers recognize that a message legitimately came from you, reducing the chance of your email ending up in spam folders.

Auto-Updating Website Policies

If your website has a contact form, it needs a Privacy Policy. Multiple countries and states have enacted privacy laws that impose heavy fines for not having a compliant Privacy Policy.

If your website offers links to third party websites, it should have Terms & Conditions, which limit your company’s liability. Terms & Conditions help prevent your business from being sued.

If your website offers affiliate links, provides information that could be considered health advice or legal advice, it should have a disclaimer.

We’re not lawyers, but our friends at Termageddon are. Their service creates policies compliant with laws for most websites.

Keep your website’s policies legally compliant with a Termageddon license for your domain.

Rest easy knowing that you’ve got us to help keep your domain set up correctly.

DNS Management

Your domain (i.e., is what everything connects to… email, your website, software services, and more. The settings, known as records, are part of the Domain Name System (DNS). These records have to be correct or the connections will break between your domain and the services you depend on.

We’ll help manage your DNS records and update them as needed.

We will not register domains on your behalf because we believe that you need to maintain 100% control of this crucial part of your online identity. If you need a domain or a reliable registrar, we recommend Namecheap.

Co-Managed Web Hosting

If you have any concerns about your website’s performance or security, one of the big variables is where your site is hosted.

We don’t resell hosting nor do we want to be a hosting provider because there’s a lot involved in making sure servers run smoothly & that’s not our focus. However, we have a lot of experience with hosts and recommend two options; both allow you to give us access to your account to help make sure that everything is set up correctly for your needs while you maintain 100% control.

Recommendation 1: DreamHost (virtual private servers w/ email)
Recommendation 2: Cloudways (cloud servers, email not included)

Upgrade your website’s performance & security by hosting with DreamHost or Cloudways.

Easily start accepting bitcoin in your business through our private BTCPay server.

Bitcoin Payment Processing

If you want to accept bitcoin for your goods or services, we provide payment processing via It’s secure, private, and you’re in control. We manage a full Bitcoin node; customers pay on-chain and funds go directly to your connected wallet.

We offer direct integration with your WooCommerce store as well as the ability to create simple donation or payment forms. You’ll have your own account to manage your invoices and payments.

Access your account here:


These are all included at no extra cost with either of our service plans.