Cold emails shouldn’t be stupid

I can’t tell you how many terrible cold emails I receive. Sorry salespeople, you may not schedule a meeting with me to sell me on something, especially if you know nothing about me. No, I’m not interested in your product or service when you clearly didn’t spend 5 seconds to learn what I do. Sometimes your persistence is welcome, but if you sound like a robot or are trying too hard to be clever, I’m going to ignore you.

While I’m not a big fan of cold email, it is the primary approach that I am taking towards new sales with people outside of my current networks, for now. My thought is that it’s the digital equivalent to knocking on doors in-person. So how to craft an unsolicited email without being stupid? Well, one thing that I’m going to try is being helpful without expecting anything in return. I’m not going to ask for anything but I’m going to be straightforward about this business and what we do.

Here’s my template:

Subject: Introduction

Hi (recipient’s first name),

I’m Scott Pruett from a “digital handyman” business called MountainWP. This isn’t meant to be a pitch, but rather an introduction to let you know that we exist.

In short, we help small businesses feel more in control of their websites. We do this in three ways:

1. Free WordPress Training videos. (password: *******)
2. Free Security Checkups and detailed reports.
3. Paid Maintenance & Tech Support – i.e., “handyman” work for your online real estate.

Please enjoy the free training videos – no strings attached. If you could use help with your website, keep us in mind!


In short, I’m writing this as if it were an email coming to me that would make me pause before I hit delete. Will it work? I’m not sure. I really want to avoid using social media or paid acquisition, simply getting to the basics of making connections with people. If I can help some people along the way, with a fraction of them becoming customers, then that’s cool.

Have you received any call emails that worked well? Have you developed stellar relationships that started with a cold email? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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