Terms of Service

This page provides details about our maintenance, management, hosting, and email services, and the legal terms of these services.

Service Details:

WordPress Maintenance

1a. MountainWP maintenance only applies to the back-end of each website. It does not include any front-end development work.

1b. Any front-end design conflict that occurs because of a software update will need to be addressed by a front-end developer.

1c. MountainWP will not be held responsible for any front-end design problems.

1d. If a front-end conflict occurs, a backup of the website will be restored and updates will be suspended until the source of the conflict is identified. Backups will still occur on schedule.

1e. Backups occur incrementally every day and are saved for 90 days unless otherwise arranged.

1f. Backups include the WordPress database, plugin files, theme files, and media uploads.

1g. Backups may be restored to any web host of your choosing, at any time, at no extra charge.

1h. Backup files will be made available for customers to download at any time, per request. Requests must be made from the customer, using the email address or phone number on the account.

1i. Security monitoring utilizes third-party services. MountainWP will not be held liable for any problems from their services.

1j. If a security problem on a site arises that is beyond the scope of MountainWP services, such as severe hacking, it will need to be addressed by a company that specializes in fixing security problems.

1k. If a security problem arises on a site, assuming access is not lost to the WordPress Dashboard and/or server, a backup of your website will be restored and updates will be suspended until the source of the problem is identified. Backups will still occur on schedule.

1l. In the unlikely event of a catastrophic security problem on a site, resources on MountainWP cloud servers will be made available to restore an uncompromised backup of the site until access to your server is restored. Access to domain settings is mandatory so traffic can be redirected.

1m. MountainWP will not be held responsible for any downtime unrelated to maintenance services. A number of factors can take a website offline, including, but not limited to, server overload, or front-end development errors.

1n. If a website experiences regular downtime, resources on MountainWP cloud servers will be made available to temporarily move a site and assess whether it is a problem with the primary server.

1o. All auto-draft posts, trash posts, spam comments, pending comments, trash comments, tags with no associated posts, categories with no associated posts, and post revisions (except for the last 5) will be deleted every day unless otherwise requested.

1p. Database tables will be optimized daily, unless otherwise requested.

1q. MountainWP maintenance requires full administrative access to the WordPress Dashboard. We will add a separate MountainWP user with administrator privileges and use that for access. This minimizes the chance of any problems if a password is forgotten and/or needs to be reset.

WordPress Management

2a. Management includes unlimited tasks that can be completed in 30 minutes or less from inside the WordPress dashboard.

2b. Management requires full administrative access to your WordPress dashboard and each related service (your web host and your domain registrar) to be shared with MountainWP. Where possible, we will set up a separate MountainWP user with administrator privileges and use that for access. This minimizes the chance of any problems if a password is forgotten and needs to be reset.

2c. Management requests should generally be sent through the private support email address received after signing up. This is a shared inbox that our entire team monitors. Any requests sent to hey@mountainwp.com or to any of our staff’s direct email addresses will be responded to from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday, Eastern Time (US).

2d. Editing or updating any content (text, images, files) is only available if clients first create the content. MountainWP will not provide any content creation or copyediting.

2e. Content updates can include: publishing blog posts and new pages from Word or text documents, adding/removing/editing text on posts, pages, products, etc, upload images and adding them to pages, cropping or resizing images, adding keywords, titles, snippets, etc for SEO, adding or editing menu items, creating image galleries, adding or editing users, and uploading PDFs.

2f. Settings changes can include: updating theme options, editing or adjusting widgets, adding redirects, editing permalinks, adding or editing form fields, editing templates made from visual editors, installing plugins from the WordPress repository, and configuring popups, notification bars, etc.

2g. Turnaround time for most editing tasks is typically less than 24 hours, but we can’t predict how many tasks we’ll have on any given day. MountainWP is committed to rapid turnaround whenever possible but does not promise any set time for completing tasks.

2h. Some editing tasks may take longer than 24 hours, including editing custom CSS or JS, searching and replacing items in your database, adding code snippets, installing complex plugins (i.e., those that have lots of settings), performance and page-speed adjustments after analysis, minor troubleshooting involving plugin and theme compatibility, installing tracking codes, or testing contact forms and checkouts.

2i. Management excludes the following: creating or editing content for posts, pages, products, policies, or SEO, creating graphics or editing images beyond resizing or cropping, SEO and analytics strategy, review, or consulting, interacting with third-party vendors (exception: co-managed web hosting), purchasing plugins, license keys, or extensions, build-outs, plugin development, or theme development, including building new major functionality on an existing site.

Co-Managed Web Hosting

3a. MountainWP’s co-managed web hosting service is only available to clients with an active WordPress Maintenance or Management plan.

3b. This service is only available for clients who use Cloudways or DreamHost as their hosting provider. Clients must have their own Cloudways or DreamHost account and manage the billing.

3c. MountainWP’s Cloudways account needs to be added as a Team Member with Support Access and Full Console Access for any server under co-management. Similarly, our DreamHost account needs to be granted privileges for full access, except for billing.

3d. Customers are required to alert MountainWP of any known possibilities for traffic spikes so resource needs can be evaluated, e.g. a large marketing campaign or a TV appearance.

Authenticated Transactional Email

4a. This service is provided alongside co-managed web hosting to maximize deliverability rates of any emails sent from your website, e.g., any welcome email, password reset emails, notifications, weekly digests, or receipts and invoices.

4b. Access will be removed if your site is used to send spam. If spam is being sent unintentionally due to a security problem, access will be restored once the problem is fixed.

4c. Sending is limited to 5,000 emails per month. If your website sends more than this, you may upgrade to accommodate any necessary volume ($5/mo for each additional 5,000 transactional emails).

4d. You need to specify a domain and email address that mail will be sent from, and allow MountainWP to add necessary records to your DNS to ensure authentication.