WordPress Training Videos

As we’ve gotten to know clients over the years, we’ve seen a theme: everyone feels better about their website when they know how to use it better. We’ve got a library of 31 videos all about the latest version of WordPress, accessible to you for free!

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How to get free access:

Just get in touch, introduce yourself, & ask! No sneaky we’ll-spam-you-forever list signup required. 🤠

Email: hey@mountainwp.com

What’s included?

Each of these is an individual video. They provide bite-sized info about common WordPress functions. You don’t need to go through them in any particular order and they’re available whenever you need ’em. 👍

Getting Started

  1. The Dashboard
  2. Posts vs. Pages
  3. What is Gutenberg?
  4. The Block Editor

Creating Content

  1. Create a New Post
  2. How to Add an Image
  3. Creating Links and Buttons
  4. Embed a PDF File
  5. Embed Video or Audio
  6. Add a Featured Image
  7. Categories and Tags
  8. Publishing Options
  9. Edit Existing Posts
  10. How to Create Pages

Customizing Your Site

  1. Creating Custom Menus
  2. How to Add Widgets
  3. Create a Static Homepage
  4. Customize Your Theme
  5. Installing a New Theme
  6. How to Install Plugins

Exploring Blocks

  1. Text Blocks
  2. Media Blocks
  3. Design Blocks
  4. Widget Blocks
  5. Pattern Blocks

Managing Your Site

  1. The Media Library
  2. Managing Comments
  3. Adding New Users
  4. Edit Your Profile
  5. WordPress Tools
  6. WordPress Settings


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